In a superyacht sector where comfort and luxury go hand in hand, a custom-made diesel particle filter and exhaust emission control is essential. As your yacht is often berthed in the same spot, you need to ensure clean air for you, your neighbours and the local environment. You also want to avoid any pollution on the deck, foul air around the yacht and dirty patches in the water. Xeamos takes care of the environment and your complete comfort while fully complying with all IMO Tier III regulations.

All our systems are developed and tested in-house

Xeamos is an engineering firm and all our systems are developed and tested in-house. We also offer expertise in areas such as sound attenuation and soot filter and SCR technology, combining everything within a single system. Models that have not been used before are meticulously checked by our engineers using dedicated software to ensure they function optimally. If required, we can calculate the pressure drop of the entire exhaust system, and make thermal and/or power calculations. We are fully up to speed with the latest regulations related to emissions, safety and more, and can provide you with a system that offers a guaranteed performance and lifespan.

Our USP's

• Standard and customised solutions for emission reduction
• IMO Tier III compliant
• Robust systems in a steel type of the customer's choice
• Flexible partner for yacht builders and shipyards
• Specific preferences can be integrated quickly

Compliance with IMO
Tier III regulations

The new International Maritime Organization regulations include strict requirements for nitrogen emissions. In so-called Emission Control Areas, such as the coastal regions of North America and the Caribbean, IMO applies Tier III: an emission standard of less than 2 g/kWh, depending on the nominal rpm. This means that all engines with a capacity of over 130 kilowatts, on yachts of more than 500 GT, must be fitted with an SCR catalyst. To meet these requirements Xeamos can provide you with robust systems designed for a long lifespan.


The Xeamos systems have a reputation in the market for their sound and robust design and long service life. As a shipping entrepreneur, this means that you benefit from low maintenance costs and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as benefiting from the design choices we have made.

In the superyacht sector a custom-made diesel particle filter and exhaust emission control is essential


Xeamos may not be the largest supplier of systems for the yachtbuilding sector but we are almost certainly the most flexible. Where required we can provide integrated solutions for a soot filter system and SCR catalyst, or integrate a silencer in the SCR system. Sizes and connections are aligned to the onboard engine, and we also provide custom controls, with features such as connections to a wide range of monitoring systems. Both can be used on new builds and refits alike and the fact that we always provide custom solutions makes us the ideal partner for all projects.


Xeamos systems are unique because of their specific alignment to the application. They are specifically designed to match the type of engine, load profile of the engine, fuel type, installation space and any specific user demands. This explains why we provide such a wide diversity of systems, instead of a single standard system for multiple applications. Dutch design and Dutch in-house engineering at its best.
The components we use are of industrial quality and have the look and feel superyacht yards and owners expect. While Xeamos won’t be the cheapest option, you will always earn back your investment in the long term due to the low operational and replacement costs.